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Zachary. Why didn't you talk to the parents who worried about sending their kids to schools when there wasn't a vaccine available for them and no one could get a straight answer from the Trump administration about what was going on unless it involved ingesting bleach? There were loads of us who made sacrifices to keep our kiddos safe and there are a bunch of us who agree that the schools should have waited longer. Why aren't you talking to them? I have a child in a Fairfax County School and until I can get her vaccinated, I worry every day about her getting sick because some family of one of her classmates may not care about others. What about the families that have frail parent living with them? Or me, a home health care worker who works with a vulnerable population. Why is that the rich and affluent get all the attention? This was a very disappointing article to read. Northern Virginia is very diverse and some of us also want it to be healthy. For that matter, my daughter's teachers and schools did a great job last year. Some parents however, I guess, didn't want to be bothered with their children's emotional well being.

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